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MSM’s mobile & social marketing strategies help you build relationships that contribute to your bottom line. No matter your company’s size or business model, we can make you look like a million bucks online. Our solutions are designed to align with your marketing and business goals, seamlessly and cost effectively.


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Social + Marketing Solutions

MSM’s mobile & social marketing strategies help you build relationships that contribute to your bottom line.

No matter your company’s size or business model, we can make you look like a million bucks online. Our solutions are designed to align with your marketing and business goals, seamlessly and cost effectively.

Higher Education Marketing

We work with universities to help them engage and activate their alumni through social, mobile and digital channels.

Golf Course Marketing

We work with golf courses to increase round revenue and attract new golfers through innovative digital, social and mobile marketing strategies.

Social Management

Social media has changed the marketing & PR game, from the fundamentals all the way to the goal line. We're ready to help you go pro.

Hospitality Marketing

Every hour, 200,000 people search for a restaurant or hotel on Google. Our digital marketing strategies will ensure your brand is at the top.

Local Marketing

We work with local brands to reach their community of customers who live and shop close by.

Small Business Marketing

We help small businesses get the most bang for their marketing dollar by designing intelligent programs that generate revenue.
Marketing Technology.

We make technology work for you by handling the heavy lifting

We design intelligent digital marketing environments tailored to each client’s needs. That means we don’t dump out our full bag of tricks on every project. We carefully select the tools that can most efficiently and effectively help you achieve your goals — whether that means bringing in sales or collecting customer data.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a requirement for organizations who want to thrive in today’s fast paced, technology driven digital environment. Effectively using both marketing automation and social media allows brands to build personable relationships with hundreds, thousands or even millions of consumers and turn them into loyal customers.

Email Marketing

Interacting with your fans on the Internet, Facebook, and other digital platforms can help you build a list of meaningful email addresses to use for information you don’t want customers to miss. While it’s possible they may gloss over your updates on your website or Facebook, it’s very likely that they’ll notice you in their email inbox — especially when your messages are optimally timed and perfectly targeted.

Social Marketing Apps

Social marketing apps are cool, but that's not why we build them. Our social marketing plans are holistic, taking into account your audience, product, business model, existing online presence, and -- most of all -- your goals.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Today’s shoppers consider social profiles to be a natural extension of your online presence. And more and more of them are looking you up on their phones. That’s why a social- and mobile-ready company website is a must.

Text Marketing

95% of mobile phone users read their texts messages within 5 minutes. While there are many ways to connect with smartphone users, text message marketing is the fastest, simplest, and often most effective.

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Meet our team.

MSM is a digital marketing agency with offices located in downtown Rochester, Michigan and Orlando, Florida. We specialize in effective marketing solutions that span the digital spectrum including social, mobile, and the Internet.

Josh has been building web-based applications for more than a decade, providing organizations with a unique blend of technical creativity and acute business acumen. Josh has a wide range of technical expertise and digital marketing agency experience that span multiple industries. He earned his MBA in 2010.
Josh Moser

Bryan was introduced to the exciting world of hospitality at age 6 years old when his father was hired as one of the Marketing Executives to launch the EPCOT Center. Since then Bryan has had a passion for hospitality that now spans more than 15 years.
Bryan Bruce
Chief Social Officer

As a lifelong marketing executive for such household names like Disney, McDonald’s and Red Lobster, Patrick Bruce has seen it all! He is the guru or man behind the curtain at Your Brand Voice Inc. We challenge our clients to find a more detailed and thorough marketing research analyst who knows that marketing on the Internet is where it is at.
Patrick Bruce
Chief Idea Officer

A past MSM intern, and now a recent graduate of Oakland University with a BA in Creative Writing, Becca enjoys coming up with new and engaging ideas to connect with MSM’s online audiences. When she’s not writing and editing in the office, she’s working on a never-ending novel and finding ways to volunteer in her community.
Becca Reichenbach
Social Media Manager

Joe has worked in Television and Radio Sales Management with two Industry Leaders, CBS and Cox Television. He has also worked in Sports Marketing for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Pistons.
Joe Duff
Board Advisor

Josh was born and raised in Tampa Florida as the oldest of four. He is just entering his junior year at UCF pursuing a Bachelors in Finance. Outside of entrepreneurship, he spends his time with his girlfriend of four years and brothers in Kappa Sigma.
Josh Barsness
Account Executive

Safia has extensive skills with social media management, graphic design, and digital strategy. She has worked personally with many brands and individuals nationwide developing successful digital strategies. Safia holds a B.S. in Media Communications from Full Sail University.
Safia Hatcher
Social Media Manager

Steve is a hospitality leader with 15+ years of experience in both sales and operations for brands like Marriott, Waldorf-Astoria/Hilton, Starwood and Gaylord Entertainment. He is a Division II Collegiate Football standout with All-Conference and All ECAC honors who now spends free time with 15 month old son Keagan John.
Steve Hill
Account Executive

Kelsey studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Tampa before pursuing a career in social media. Kelsey has been the voice behind two local active wear brands, including a brand in Los Angeles. When not on social media, Kelsey can be found doing yoga, photographing yoga events, and developing plant-based recipes.
Kelsey Wilson
Social Media Marketing Intern

Born in the Philippines, Francesca moved to Chicago at age 9. She is a sophomore at DePauw University majoring in Public Relations with a concentration in Marketing and minoring in Computer Science. When she’s not online, you can find her at Chipotle, a sushi joint, or the beach!
Francesca Moya
Social Media Marketing Intern
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438 Main Street, Ste 201
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