Engaging Young Alumni

At Activate Alumni, we know that despite all these changes after graduation, one thing remains constant for your graduates: their social media accounts. With the average user spending 21 minutes a day on Facebook alone, social is becoming a communication platform that can’t be ignored.

Before your seniors leave campus, we encourage you to connect them to your social environment. This will allow you to have a strong communication platform during their inevitable young alumni life changes.

Whether you’re looking to encourage early donation conversions, acquire young alumni memberships, or attract your alumni to become active in your local and regional groups, social marketing allows you to talk to them where they’re already paying attention.

For a case study on our Senior Connect campaign, please visit our education focused website, Activate Alumni or feel free to contact me directly at jmoser@getmsm.com

Our goal is to help you maintain your relationship with your alumni well into the future.


The Benefits of Integrated Marketing

With integrated marketing, you can use the marketing practices you are already comfortable with. Social marketing just allows you to take your relationship with your alumni to the next level, even as you continue to send direct mail solicitations, e-newsletters, phonathon, and regular social media posts.

Strengthen the relationship by letting your alumni know your institution is trying to do more than “just ask for money.” Let real relationships develop through simple yet advanced social marketing strategies, so when it comes time for a campaign solicitation, your alumni are already on board. At Activate Alumni, we are partnering with direct mail vendor Intelliform to combine the power of online marketing with the trustworthy practice of direct mail. This allows you to reach maximum exposure to your alumni audience.

Set up long term goals and begin to understand the preferences of your alumni. We understand that your association is just as unique as your alumni are, so give us a call at 888.714.7814 or email us to start the conversation about integrated marketing and how Activate Alumni can help your institution now and in the future.


Danielle Wilberg
Chief Strategy Officer, Activate Alumni
1.888.714.7814 | danielle@activatealumni.com

Bad Alumni Data?

Activate Alumni is working with institutions all over the country to help enrich their alumni data. Here are just a few of the data points that we can easily identify on your behalf:

  • Lost alumni record updates
  • Locating international alumni
  • Tracking of recent graduates
  • Business information

The above data just scratches the surface of possibilities. Our technology can overlay advanced segmentation information to reach alumni who have the highest potential to participate with your advancement efforts.

If you want to grow the sophistication in your data while taking advantage of advanced segmentation, you need to start thinking about social marketing. Activate Alumni can help.

Want to learn more? Email danielle@activatealumni.com or call 888.714.7814 to begin the conversation.


Chief Strategy Officer
Danielle Wilberg

Social Media vs. Social Marketing

The truth is, today’s consumers will only respond to your messages when — and if — it’s convenient. It’s the era of social marketing, and this means more than just updating your Facebook page. You need to expand your social reach with engaging communications, and you need to make it easy and intuitive for people to respond.


Let’s say your university’s basketball team just made it to the NCAA Tournament. You post a congratulatory message on your alumni association’s Facebook page and share some photos from the main university Facebook page. You create Facebook events for local alumni watch parties. You ask your alumni to tweet about the game with a special hashtag. You get a smattering of alumni to like, comment, and share. That’s social media. With social marketing, you take this opportunity five steps further with an integrated campaign spanning social media, email, a giveaway or contest — all supported by a modest ad spend that can kick up your fan count and build engagement that will spread like wildfire. With this scenario, your initiative could touch hundreds of thousands.

While the first steps might seem overwhelming, Activate Alumni can help. We’ll listen to you tell us about your unique school, from politics and roadblocks to goals and success stories. Then, we’ll talk strategy.

If you want to see growth in your response rates, you need to start thinking about social marketing. Activate Alumni can help, and the results will amaze you.

Have questions? Email danielle@activatealumni.com or call 888.714.7814 to begin the conversation.


Chief Strategy Officer
Danielle Wilberg