Bad Alumni Data?

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Bad Alumni Data?

Social marketing often gets a lot of lip service in higher education fundraising, but the investment pays off when you see the long-term goals achieved internally. One of the biggest benefits of social and digital marketing is the ability to capture personalized information on your alumni and upload it right back into your database to keep alumni engaged.

Activate Alumni is working with institutions all over the country to help enrich their alumni data. Here are just a few of the data points that we can easily identify on your behalf:

  • Lost alumni record updates
  • Locating international alumni
  • Tracking of recent graduates
  • Business information

The above data just scratches the surface of possibilities. Our technology can overlay advanced segmentation information to reach alumni who have the highest potential to participate with your advancement efforts.

If you want to grow the sophistication in your data while taking advantage of advanced segmentation, you need to start thinking about social marketing. Activate Alumni can help.

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Chief Strategy Officer
Danielle Wilberg

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