Email Nurture Marketing

Support brand relationships with email nurture marketing.

Interacting with your fans on the Internet, Facebook, and other digital platforms can help you build a list of meaningful email addresses to use for information you don’t want customers to miss. While it’s possible they may gloss over your updates on your website or Facebook, it’s very likely that they’ll notice you in their email inbox — especially when your messages are optimally timed and perfectly targeted.

Research shows that, when it comes to marketing, customers prefer to be contacted via email more than any other communication method. Our email nurture marketing platform natively connects to all aspects of your digital presence — Facebook, other social platforms, your website, and even your print advertisements.

Advantages to Email Nurturing

We’ll work with you to build an effective, smart email nurture marketing strategy.

Then we’ll automate it with a track of intelligent, conditional business rules to ensure that each prospect or customer gets the relevant communications in tune with their preferences and product interests. Not only is it all measurable, we can also use our email platform to get deep insight into what your customers really care about and the sort of communication they want from you.

Other benefits of our email nurture marketing platform:

  • New incoming email addresses are automatically placed on the appropriate workflow based on the recipient’s data file
  • Natively connects to your website and social environment for a hands-off communication strategy
  • In-depth reporting and measurements provide deep insight into your entire marketing database
  • Optional prospect grading allows you to identify people most likely to become customers based on their email and website interactions
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