Engaging Young Alumni

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Engaging with Young Alumni

Once your new graduates leave campus and receive their diplomas, it can often be difficult to remain in contact with this highly fluid demographic. Addresses and names change, causing a real problem when trying to maintain a robust database and achieve your advancement goals.

At Activate Alumni, we know that despite all these changes after graduation, one thing remains constant for your graduates: their social media accounts. With the average user spending 21 minutes a day on Facebook alone, social is becoming a communication platform that can’t be ignored.

Before your seniors leave campus, we encourage you to connect them to your social environment. This will allow you to have a strong communication platform during their inevitable young alumni life changes.

Whether you’re looking to encourage early donation conversions, acquire young alumni memberships, or attract your alumni to become active in your local and regional groups, social marketing allows you to talk to them where they’re already paying attention.

For a case study on our Senior Connect campaign, please visit our education focused website, Activate Alumni or feel free to contact me directly at jmoser@getmsm.com

Our goal is to help you maintain your relationship with your alumni well into the future.


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