Intelligent Marketing Strategy

We make technology work for you by handling the heavy lifting.
Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. YouTube. Text messaging. Mobile web. The options are endless and constantly evolving. Venturing into uncharted territory can feel overwhelming. But MSM is here to help with an intelligent marketing strategy that fits your brand’s needs.

We design intelligent digital marketing environments tailored to each client’s needs. That means we don’t dump out our full bag of tricks on every project. We carefully select the tools that can most efficiently and effectively help you achieve your goals — whether that means bringing in sales or collecting customer data.
Capture your audience with MSM’s intelligent display ad network.

We target your ideal prospects with access the largest inventory of digital ads available. We use remarketing and behavioral targeting to capture the attention of consumers who are most likely to become your customers.
Engage your prospects with offers and collect actionable data.

It can be challenging to convince your prospective customers to deviate from their routines and take a chance on your brand’s product or service. Free trials or other offers that influence people to act shouldn’t just be thrown out for anonymous people to grab. When giveaways are attached to relevant data collection and behavioral insights, they provide a topic of intelligent conversation as you continue to educate about why consumers should buy your products.
Nurture your customers and educate throughout their buying cycles.

True social marketing breaks the bounds of Facebook. MSM builds comprehensive marketing tracks that include as few or as many points of contact as your project requires. All communications are fully integrated and timed to present a seamless, consistent environment that gently guides your customers down the path to purchase.

Top 4 reasons consumers gave out their email address
in 2012



To receive discounts & promotions


To get a "freebie" for opting into marketing


To get updates on upcoming sales


To get updates on future products
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