Location Based Marketing

Connect with your customers when they’re close by with real time offers.

Location based marketing drives new foot traffic by sending customers timely offers and messages based on their location. People are using social platforms to share more and more of their lives — including their exact coordinates. When customers check in nearby on Foursquare or Facebook, MSM makes it possible for you to respond with a special offer and exact directions to your store. Invite your customers in when it’s most convenient, and you may just rack up an unexpected sale.
MSM’s location based marketing platform enables you send offers to customers who are nearby and are ready to purchase in real time.

Smartphones take center stage when people are out and about. In addition to checking for texts and keeping tabs on email, shoppers are pulling up GPS enabled directions and searching out their next stop — all from their mobile phones. Location based marketing becomes a powerful, mobile enabled tool for brands with a retail presence.
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