Marketing Automation

Communication with a human touch. Powered by marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a requirement for organizations who want to thrive in today’s fast paced, technology driven digital environment. Effectively using both marketing automation and social media allows brands to build personable relationships with hundreds, thousands or even millions of consumers and turn them into loyal customers.

Reach Your Customers

At its core, social media is based on human connections. But resource allocation is critical in any marketing environment, and no CEO has time to hand-write thousands of personalized pitches. Underlying MSM’s social marketing technology is a marketing automation platform that allows us to accurately and efficiently perform complex and time-consuming communication tasks. This marketing automation platform acts as a hub for all the channels we use to reach out to your customers.

With a marketing automation driven environment you can:

  • Use data to create and send personalized, relevant communications that capture your audience’s attention
  • Send conditional email nurture communications without manual segmentation
  • Grade and score prospects based on actions, behaviors, and interests
  • Identify intimate niches to drive new revenue
  • Measure all aspects of your marketing environment to identify bottlenecks and opportunities that impact ROI and your overall marketing effectiveness
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