Mobile Marketing Solutions

Nobody leaves the house without their wallet, keys, and the Internet.

What’s the fastest growing channel to connect and engage with your customers? Mobile marketing.

Ask anyone to empty their pockets or purse, and you’re likely to find a mobile phone. They’re carried by everyone from middle schoolers Facebooking their latest crush to grandparents FaceTiming with the preschoolers in their life. Today, people are constantly online — even if they aren’t in front of a computer. Those ubiquitous smartphones are robust research tools, and consumers are already using them to make purchasing decisions.

Connect with consumers regardless of location.

A mobile marketing strategy is a must for brands who need to reach consumers where they are paying the most attention. Mobile marketing integration provides the quickest route to getting your message in front of your audience. Whether it’s a text message marketing campaign or a mobile friendly sales promotion, your message will reach your recipients no matter where they are located.

24% of target audience engaging with our programs while using a mobile device

Don’t miss out on these growing opportunities from customers on the go. The first step in making your web presence portable is a mobile accessible website. Can customers easily navigate your pages from their smartphones? Is information relevant to out-and-about users highlighted on the front page?
We know how to push the limits of mobile technology.

A mobile-optimized website is just the beginning. Other avenues to consider are smartphone apps, QR codes for instant access to mobile content, and text messaging. But sometimes you don’t need the full arsenal. We’ll help you evaluate how mobile marketing can best fit your business model and drive sales.

Our focus is practicality and return on investment, meaning we won’t build you something just because it’s cool — unless it gets paying customers through your doors. All of our mobile technologies are carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with your other digital and traditional marketing efforts, so you get the most bang for your buck.

Other benefits of our email nurture marketing platform:

  • New incoming email addresses are automatically placed on the appropriate workflow based on the recipient’s data file
  • Natively connects to your website and social environment for a hands-off communication strategy
  • In-depth reporting and measurements provide deep insight into your entire marketing database
  • Optional prospect grading allows you to identify people most likely to become customers based on their email and website interactions
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