Retail & Grocery Marketing

Social marketing opens not just one, but many new points of contact with shoppers.

Setting up a website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed to promote your business and converse with customers is the first step. But unlocking the true potential of social for brick-and-mortar retail and grocery marketing is our specialty.

A solid retail and grocery marketing strategy will build loyalty in existing customers, and build your brand voice across the Wild West that is today's Internet.

We offer a wide variety of retail and grocery marketing solutions to drive foot traffic. For example, deeply discounted sale items can bring new visitors to your shop, and we can help you run your own Groupon-style promotions without spending a fortune. Our Group Deal app lets you cut out the middleman while we steer major traffic to the deal with organic and hypertargeted advertising. We don't take a cut of your profits, and you control the terms and conditions. It's a group deal run 100% your way, pushed to an audience most likely to buy. Doesn't that just make sense? Whether you are selling online or in person, our strategies can drive new customers through your checkouts, reward loyal fans to create unpaid brand ambassadors, all while reducing your ad budget and boosting your bottom line.
Retail Solutions

Benefits of our retail and grocery marketing solutions:

  • Group deals that let you keep 100% of the profits
  • Geotargeted advertising
  • Location check-ins for increased sharing
  • Ability to highlight new items through a mini eCommerce selection
  • Targeted advertising
  • Credibility in vast online marketplace built with higher fan count
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