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We’ve got the easiest way to manage your brand on social. And it’s free.

MSM’s online social brand reputation management dashboard, My Social Manager, allows you to quickly and easily compose and share content, monitor your brand, engage with customers, and reach your audience more effectively.
My Super Manager

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Monitor your brand’s presence across all social and digital networks.
My Social Manager pulls in posts and comments from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can respond with a single sign-on. Each post is analyzed for effectiveness, and messages requiring urgent attention are highlighted. Our social brand management platform supports all major social networks, your website analytics, and even text messaging — all from one easy to use dashboard.


Send messages across multiple networks at one time.
My Social Manager’s publishing interface allows you to distribute targeted communications across multiple networks at once. With our interactive drag-and-drop calendar, you can easily plan your message schedule. What’s more, you can easily configure your social brand management account to send your messages on a recurring basis.

You can also set permissions for multiple social managers and specify which users need approval before their content can be published.


Analyze the effectiveness of your social and digital communications.
My Social Manager automatically tracks every piece of content you distribute, making it easy to measure the success of your campaigns. Our fully customizable social brand management report builder allows you to create an analytic snapshot according to your organizational goals and objectives. Reports can be automatically emailed to your team at any specified interval.


Brand your posts with links back to your website.
No more “posted via Hootsuite” branding. With your own personal API, you control every aspect of your post. My Social Manager allows for customization of just about everything, so your brand stays at the forefront of your messages.

Build trust with your customers by showing them you’re in control.


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