Social Marketing Apps

Social Marketing Apps are cool, but that's not why we build them.

Our social marketing plans are holistic, taking into account your audience, product, business model, existing online presence, and --- most of all --- your goals.

Apps with Purpose.

We provide the best digital solutions

We tailor our social marketing technologies to work as a fully integrated member of your marketing team.

Social media is not the guy off in left field doing his own thing, making clover chains while the rest of your team hustles on the diamond. Although those clover chains may draw the attention of a few nature lovers in the stands, the bulk of your audience is there to watch a baseball game. We evaluate your entire team and put social media in where it will make the most impact, whether that’s leading the charge on the pitcher’s mound or filling an important gap at shortstop. This is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We’ll take a social marketing approach unique to your company, developed to most efficiently work with your overall communications plan.

Above all, we develop a social strategy that will get you results.

Measurable results. Spreadsheet results. Dollar sign results.

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