Social Monetization

Social media is one of the best relationship building tools around.

It’s nice to have friends. But as a business owner or manager, you need to see a return on investment from your marketing spend, and that includes social media. We know how to convert likability into customer action to drive sales resulting in social monetization.

Most marketing companies will tell you that social media is about getting people to know you exist and to like what they see. That’s part of the story, but we believe there’s more to it than old-fashioned brand awareness and good customer service. By layering a social monetization strategy, there’s also a vast opportunity to generate measurable revenue, inspiring fans and followers to become loyal customers along the way.
Social Monetization Using Facebook Apps
Approaching social media with a proper mix of conversation, brand awareness and social monetization will not only help increase your fan base, it will also increase your profit sheet.
Gain New Fans with Share Function
Increased Facebook fans means a larger audience that you can send special offers and promotions to on a recurring basis.
Increase of Customer Email addresses
Gain valuable email addresses that you can use to send future offers to customers who know your brand and like your products.
Higher Sales & Redemption Rates
Our social marketing strategy significantly yields higher sales & redemption rates, and customers typically purchase additional items outside of the promotional effort.

Use social apps to monetize your Facebook presence

Bottom line: We know how to give your fan base a nudge through the door and toward the register. The marketing is virtual, but the foot traffic is very real. A social monetization strategy should always be part of your marketing mix.

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