Text Marketing Solutions

95% of mobile phone users read their texts within 5 minutes.

Smartphones — more than laptops or any other type of personal computing device — have become consumers’ direct connection to the Internet and your brand. As mobile technology continues to evolve, smartphones will outnumber personal computers by 2015 and become the primary tool people to go online. While there are many ways to connect with smartphone users, text message marketing is the fastest, simplest, and often most effective.
percent of all text messages are opened
million Americans text on a daily basis
percent of cell phone users text
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As part of a complete marketing strategy, our text marketing solutions can:

  • Reach your customers wherever they are
  • Send conditional email nurture communications without manual segmentation
  • Promote timely sales or events
  • Push shoppers to your website or Facebook page
  • Provide an additional point of contact for your messages
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