Web Development

It’s 2017. Your website should go beyond dot-com.

Today’s shoppers consider social profiles to be a natural extension of your online presence. And more and more of them are looking you up on their phones. That’s why a social- and mobile-ready company website is a must. MSM offers a modern set of web development solutions that are designed to connect with customers across mobile and social channels.

Social Integration

Google and other search engines are constantly striving to deliver the most relevant search results to web users. Social integration is now a top factor for search engine visibility. They use complex algorithms that consider relevance, meta-data, and language to determine your ranking for an infinite combination of search terms. Social integration — sharing, liking, commenting — now provides search engines with feedback from real people to determine the value of your web content. A webpage that is shared and liked by hundreds of users screams to Google, “This is great content.” More human interaction on your website converts into greater search engine visibility.

Multiple Platforms. One Brand.

All these benefits improve the customer experience, save you time, and provide valuable shopper insights and demographic trends to enhance future promotions. Our web development strategies natively integrate many of our social apps, allowing you to manage your entire online audience from a single platform.

MSM’s web development solutions will:

  • Allows web visitors to share your content with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers without leaving your website
  • Delivers a consistent brand image and tone across social sites and your traditional website
  • Lets your visitors automatically access account-based content by connecting directly with their Facebook profile

Centralized content management means less time, less energy, and of course less money spent on marketing and promotion management. Our web development approach relies on WordPress, the web’s #1 content management platform.
Make your presence felt.

We begin with strategic consulting to determine the best approach for your business’s website. MSM can help your online presence with:

  • Integration of social media to provide a seamless experience for customers
  • Development of web-based applications such as e-commerce and user management modules
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC)
  • Integration of social media to provide a seamless experience for customers
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