Zero Moment of Truth

Zero Moment of Truth How today’s consumer makes buying decisions.

Buying behaviors have completely changed since the Internet has become a common part of our lives. In the old days, a consumer might see an advertisement in a magazine and go to the store to purchase the item, with no research in between. Today, consumers are educating themselves about products and services, going online to gather both official and anecdotal information before they make a purchasing decision.

From jumping on Facebook to ask friends what they think of your product, to Googling company reviews and discounts, a majority of pre-purchase research is occurring on social and around the web. Your marketing strategy must actively manage a company presence where consumers are most likely to gather product knowledge.
A Zero Moment of Truth is:

A busy woman in a minivan

looking up decongestants on her mobile phone as she waits to pick her son up at school

An office manager at her desk

comparing laser printer prices and ink cartridge costs before heading to the office supply store

A student in a cafe

scanning user ratings and reviews while looking for a cheap hotel in Barcelona

A winter sports fan in a ski store

pulling out a mobile phone to look at video reviews of the latest snowboards

A young woman in her condo

searching the web for juicy details about a new guy before a blind date

A young couple planning a night out

asking their friends on Facebook if the newest Japanese restaurant in town is worth the price

We’ll help you win the Zero Moment of Truth.

We can help you be where everyone is searching for your product, before they know who to buy it from. A consistent digital footprint across your website, social media, review websites, search engines and digital advertising is critical in today’s formula for winning the Zero Moment of Truth — and new customers.

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