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Alumni Mobile Giving.

Let a nimble and quick MSM mobile-first microsite simplify online donation collection and alumni giving.

Increase donations with alumni marketing microsites

Take a look at your alumni website. On your phone.

How many clicks does it take to locate your giving page? Do you have to scroll side-to-side to see the entire page? How intuitive is the navigation? Does your giving form have a URL that matches your school’s domain? How many fields must a graduate or friend fill out before they click the “give” button? There’s a good chance your current process is throwing up obstacles to donors who would be more than happy to hand you a chunk of change online – if only you’d let them.

Increase donations at the point of purchase via alumni mobile giving with MSM’s donation microsites. Mobile-optimized and user-friendly, MSM’s alumni donation microsites are fully branded to your school or alumni association and integrated with a social and email campaign for maximum impact.

MSM’s microsites include donation forms that allow simple, hassle-free giving from smartphones and tablets, and they seamlessly deposit funds directly into your school’s existing bank account.

Alumni Giving Microsites - Alumni Marketing by MSM
Increase Donations - Alumni Marketing

Picture this:

A recent grad is waiting to pick up a friend at the airport. Standing by baggage claim, she checks her email and sees your message requesting donations for a new scholarship. She’s happy to make a gift right then and there, but your payment form is unwieldy on her phone. She makes a mental note to make a gift from her laptop when she gets home, but once her friend arrives she quickly forgets all about your plea and her willingness to help. And you’ve just lost $10 – or maybe $1,000. This very scenario is playing out with 50 percent of your audience. Your emails are inspiring them to give while watching their kids play at the park, bored in board meetings, and in long supermarket checkout lines. Are you making it possible?

MSM’s mobile alumni engagement microsites:

  • Provide content to on-the-go alumni in a format that is easy to read and access
  • Allow for mobile donations and alumni association joins with simple forms that connect to your existing payment system
  • Gain insight through robust analytics on how (and how many) alumni are accessing your mobile platform

Alumni Giving Program Results.

Central Michigan University’s Alumni Association has been using MSM’s expertise in alumni giving marketing for more than 6 years. Wanting to raise money for their Student Emergency Fund, an initiative that helps students in need get funding in a time of crisis, CMU reached out to MSM.

In just 90-days their donation microsite campaign raised $108,533 and MSM successfully helped CMUAA reach their alumni giving goal 7 months early.

MSM entices grads to both like your alumni association’s page and provide their most up-to-date contact information. We use Facebook data to locate people who have identified themselves as alumni of your university — regardless of whether or not you ever had them on your contact list.

MSM’s young alumni marketing campaigns engage graduating seniors before they leave campus. But we don’t ask them to fill out a paper contact card at the commencement fair. Our Senior Connect program lets new alumni connect on with their own terms: Facebook and mobile.

Let a nimble and quick MSM microsite simplify online donation collection and alumni mobile giving. We’ll work with you to create a fully branded, mobile-friendly donation microsite that lets your grads give in 30 seconds or less, increasing conversions at the point of sale.

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