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Increase Alumni Engagement.

Your lost alumni are hiding in plain sight – on Facebook. Our Alumni Reconnect program identifies and engages them.

Activate Alumni - Alumni Reconnect - Alumni Marketing Solutions

Get more alumni connected to your Facebook page and expand your social reach.

Even if your alumni have new names, new jobs, and new addresses, Facebook’s ubiquitous platform points us right to them. Once you’re connected on Facebook, you’ll be in touch with your alumni no matter where they go in the future.

Your alumni will continue to share their lives on Facebook long before they remember to send an email to their alma mater. When optimized, your alumni association’s Facebook page helps you tap into your alumni base with timely, response-driven communications, no matter where they’ve ended up.

We’ll help you increase alumni engagement by connecting with them on Facebook, resulting in:

  • Alumni association Facebook page likes from lost alumni around the world
  • Fresh contact information, including personal email addresses, and a simple way to keep it all updated
  • An engaged base of alumni for fundraising and networking

Alumni Reconnect Program Results.

University of Ilinois - Alumni Marketing - Alumni Reconnect

The University of Illinois wanted to use social and digital marketing to increase Facebook engagement and reconnect with alumni across the world. With over 50% of their living alumni using Facebook, MSM helped connect over 7,000 alumni to the UIAA Facebook page and captured updated contact information for over 7,500 alumni in under 30 days.

MSM entices grads to both like your alumni association’s page and provide their most up-to-date contact information. We use Facebook data to locate people who have identified themselves as alumni of your university — regardless of whether or not you ever had them on your contact list.

MSM’s young alumni marketing campaigns engage graduating seniors before they leave campus. But we don’t ask them to fill out a paper contact card at the commencement fair. Our Senior Connect program lets new alumni connect on with their own terms: Facebook and mobile.

Let a nimble and quick MSM microsite simplify online donation collection and alumni mobile giving. We’ll work with you to create a fully branded, mobile-friendly donation microsite that lets your grads give in 30 seconds or less, increasing conversions at the point of sale.

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