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Why does having a brand voice matter?

To start, branding is your identity. It is who you are and how the world sees your company. Great branding will lead to increased success, more so than just running a smooth but quiet operation. You can be the best little widget company in the world, however if no one knows you are there or if you cannot “speak” to the markets correctly, then you will be lost in the sea of noise. The right brand voice, supporting a fantastic and authentic brand, gives you the right to ask for higher prices because of the trust and quality that you work so hard to provide. Poor branding will weaken how customers perceive you and can take long periods of time to recover from. Ensure against this by having a strategy in place that focuses on the core values of your company.

Your Brand Voice is literally the communication tone of your company with the rest of the world. In order for your brand to set itself apart, your basic strategy should be on delivering a great business, no matter what that is. The customers will provide you with the words and emotions to inspire your tone. It is a two way street, so listen carefully when they respond back. This will help you maintain the correct spirit of your brand voice but also help support a healthy dialogue with your audience as well.

Once you know What to say, the next crucial step is how you say it. No matter the method or technology, staying dedicated to being the best at your business will empower the methods that you employ. SEO on the search pages, Social Media, and email, are the current proven digital ways of being heard. Having a company who specializes in and is in line with your views and culture is going to be your best partner for magnifying your presence in the marketplace. An effective voice connects emotionally with its customers and with that, their loyalty to your business will grow. Stay focused and have your voice heard, it can be the difference between staying in business and closing up shop.

By Rick Mandriota