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Challenge yourself towards technology

On the meeting app stuff. There are so many great programmers out there, really anything is possible. I also like, although we are using again for the 3rd year in a row because of the great relationship and service they provide HPN Global. They know what we want (a nice solid app nothing overly tech advanced, proven and stable.)…Last year was a good example the year before, not so much.

And since we know the process, we understand the pace of development and data integration can be painful…many event organizers are not technical enough to interface with an app development team. The development team will always have the leg up because they are smarter on the subject. since we understand the technology and what we want to experience from a hotel and also an attendee perspective, we have a distinct advantage.

That said, with apps, or anything digital really, especially mobile- our 100% focus is on data collection. With data we can make goals happen easier.

In order to collect data from attendees, we must get them to engage. As HPN Global associates, I continue to challenge you to push yourself towards technology.

LinkedIn has made a change recently, and it was all designed around bringing more people into the site who are engaging. The mobile app, if you don’t have it already, is light years from where it was only a short few months ago.

Push yourself with technology and the best way to do that today, engage. Talk passionately about what you love and people will listen and hopefully engage 🙂

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