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The Grass is Greener on the Digital Side – Country Club Marketing

Your Brand Voice has overseen West Orange Country Club marketing since 2015. The program called for a new website optimized for search and a strong integration with social media and ongoing content. The content included daily social, images of the club and most importantly, Facebook video.

According to county records, the new owners purchased the club in July 2015 for nearly $1.3 million. At the time, it had 148 members. The new owners invested more than $500,000 in upgrades and renovations – including repaving the parking lot, adding pavers and new furniture to the pool deck, resurfacing the tennis courts, and adding a new driving mat to the driving range. It was up to us to showcase the ongoing improvements.

The idea was to share stories about the amazing benefits of the club and being a member. The target audience was: 3-5 mile radius of affluent users who liked golf and tennis.

The results were amazing – we were able to activate prior members who had fallen off as well as identify new members who had an interest in the private country club.

The results were felt almost immediately; leads and inquiries started piling in. The end result: more new members each of the first 5 months in comparison to the same month in the 10 years prior. The club also found that the improved communication reduced the number of member cancellations.

Membership has grown to 250 members as of this month.

Private clubs have two audiences: members and non-members. Improving this communication improves the image of the club, which allowed YBV to target the exact audience and also build relationships.

This data represents the gains in new membership versus lost memberships over the previous years. The black areas show the velocity of new members versus membership loses over the last year.

increase country club membership

Month over month, new memberships increased while loss of membership declined.

The contract between the club and YBV has recently come to a close but the relationship persists. A final email from the club’s general manager indicates the club’s appreciation for the quality work we do:


I want to thank you and your Company for the excellent effort to market and promote our Club the past 11 months.

In particular, the new website design has been well received by Members and the public. The Social Media Marketing, particularly Facebook, has also been a great reflection of what West Orange Country Club wants as its public image. The quality of your work has been

– George Holland – General Manager, West Orange Country Club




Your Brand Voice will be here to continue service for West Orange or any other course or club.

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