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5 Digital Marketing Factors for 2017

The key to digital marketing is a bit of an oxymoron: Focused Variation

It requires a focused effort on various fronts. The five most beneficial factors of digital marketing to implement into your marketing mix. There are few companies that have a digital marketing expert on staff, and even fewer with job roles specific to maintaining the brand voice in the digital world. That’s why it cannot be stressed enough that FOCUS is the key to success here. A lack of focus is one of the major reasons digital marketing efforts flop, second only to inexperience. A half-assed approach to any one of these factors will be a waste of time, effort and money. But, with focus – it’s sure to fuel the fire of your digital marketing efforts.


The value of video on Facebook is incredible. Facebook sees over 100 million minutes of video watched DAILY.  If you post an image, it’ll get some reach… if you post a video, reach increases 10x, if you post a LIVE video the reach is even greater! As a Page owner, you’re privy to video metrics that shows you just how well your videos may or may not be doing. In 2014, Facebook announced the arrival of these metrics and today they’re in full swing: Introducing Video Metrics

Facebook LIVE

digital marketing orlando

When marketing on a budget quality and innovation are key. Facebook LIVE is the ultimate key. When the stream begins it sends a push notification to fans of the page – something no other post can do – that grabs attention and entices the user to tune in at that very moment. Learn more about Facebook Live, How to Effectively Use Facebook Live.

Data Collection

digital marketing orlando

Whether it’s a small business or global corporation there is one thing companies should never stop doing: Consumer Data Collection. Adding new users to your nurture communication, using data to build custom audiences for precise targeting.

Don’t know where to start? Read 5 Ways to Collect Consumer Data

 Digital Ad Spend

digital marketing orlando

Digital advertising spending in the United States from 2012 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

It’s 2017, if you haven’t allocated a digital ad budget yet, we kindly advise you get one together quickly. Between Google and Facebook alone, it can easily be justified. From custom audience targeting on Facebook to email engagement re-marketing, the only way this type of exact target marketing is: constant contact created by having your content hit the right audiences, keeping budgets lean and mean and able sustain itself in the newsfeed long enough to impact the 7-10 impressions needed to create any influence.

Email Nurture

digital marketing orlando

This is where your data collection efforts are reaped. By keeping an audience engaged with a flow of marketing messages they deemed as relevant, you are keeping clients and leads close. You never know which message is going to be the driving force of closing a sale, so keep your list fresh and messages fresher. Email marketing can either be a efficient artillery or a self-destructive grenade. When implemented correctly – design, copy and list –  it’s the bazooka in your marketing arsenal. When done incorrectly – ugly or outdated design, irrelevant copy and unfiltered list – it will blow up in your face.

We know this can be quite the undertaking. But, it’s worth it.

For a team with FOCUS and EXPERIENCE to give your brand the voice it needs, contact us. We’re happy to help make your digital branding efficient and effective.

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