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Email Nurture Marketing.

Email Nurture Marketing Powered by Your Brand Voice

Support brand relationships and increase transactional opportunities with an effective email nurture strategy driven by Active 8 Marketing’s marketing automation platform.

We’ll work with you to build an effective, smart email nurture marketing strategy that gets results.

Interacting with your fans on the Internet, Facebook, and other digital platforms can help you build a list of meaningful email addresses to use for information you don’t want customers to miss. While it’s possible they may gloss over your updates on your website or Facebook, it’s very likely that they’ll notice you in their email inbox — especially when your messages are optimally timed and perfectly targeted.

Research shows that, when it comes to marketing, customers prefer to be contacted via email more than any other communication method. Our email nurture marketing platform natively connects to all aspects of your digital presence — Facebook, other social platforms, your website, and even your print advertisements.

Mobile First Strategy

Over 50% of your audience will be accessing your email with their mobile devices.

Be Concise

Today's consumer has a short attention span. Get to the point and stay focused within a single topic.

Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Make it easy for your audience to know how to take the next step. Large red buttons with action oriented words get the most clicks.

Relationships Over Spam

Focus on building relationships with quality content instead of blasting too many meaningless emails that will cause your audience to disconnect.

Test...and Test Again

Test your HTML based emails across all user devices and email applications to ensure they properly render as intended.

No Deceptive Subject Lines

Build subject lines that match with the topic of the email you are sending. Use personalization whenever possible.

Email Nurture Marketing Strategies

Features & Benefits of Our Email Nurture Platform

  • Fully automated intelligent-workflow ensures the right person gets the right email at the right time.
  • New incoming email addresses get automatically put on the appropriate workflow based off of recipients’ data profile.
  • Natively connects to your website and social environment for a hands-off communication strategy.
  • Ability to send emails to each individual on your list at the most likely time they will be checking their email inbox.
  • Advanced subject line testing to ensure the best message is being sent to your prospects that will motivate them to open and read.
  • In-depth reporting and measurements provide deep insight on your entire marketing database.
  • Optional prospect grading allows you to identify people most likely to become customers based on their email and website interactions.

Marketing Solutions That Work.

We offer a wide variety of effective social and digital marketing solutions that are designed to amplify businesses just like yours.

We're experts at optimizing Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot to automate your digital marketing with data driven strategies.

We design and develop mobile friendly websites that attract visitors looking for your products and services.

We develop highly effective email nurture campaigns that are designed to engage and convert more customers.

We deliver highly targeted social media strategies that connect your ideal audience with engaging content.

Our reputation management platform effectively increases 5-star reviews and proactively eliminates the bad ones.

We deploy hyper-targeted social & digital advertising campaigns that will grow your business cost effectively.

We work with you to craft the perfect video that represents your brand, then we amplify it to your ideal audience.

We develop digital brand strategies that will grow your business across social, web and other online channels.

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