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Event Marketing Case Study: A Taste of Dr. Phillips

A Taste of SUCCESS. 

How we implemented our event marketing strategy to promote an event that received more engagement and sold out earlier than ever before. Furthermore, the charity event raised more money this time around than in the history of the event. 

Here at Your Brand Voice, hospitality is our bread and events are our butter. Our partnership with the Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips crafted a brilliant piece of toast. 

What is A Taste of Dr. Phillips?

The event is all inclusive and includes food, wine, and beer from over 20+ of Orlando best restaurants.  Proceeds from this event will be invested back into the community to organizations like, Dr. Phillips High School Scholarship Fund, Dr. Phillips Hospital, Dr. Phillips Library, Dr. Phillips Foundation, and other Dr. Phillips Rotary Charitable causes.

What they wanted:

To promote the 10th Annual Taste of Dr. Phillips with a limited budget. 

What we did:


When marketing on a budget quality and innovation are key. Facebook LIVE is the ultimate key. 

Our logic was: “It’s an event. Let’s give them something to look forward to.”

We scheduled a LIVE shoot with each of the participating restaurants, creating an intriguing sequence of content. It was an “Inside Look” at the restaurants prior to the event. The intent was to spark curiousity and create a buzz – it did just that.

We revitalized the LIVE content by embedding each into a comprehensive blog and circulating that via our highly engaged community channels: Taste of Dr. Phillips 2016

LIVE was also used to promote the Silent Auction. Rotary Club members attribute the unprecedented success of the charitable auction to this video:


With a limited budget and no prior footage, a video of our usual standard was not possible. However, we worked with what we could get and promoted the client’s video on our community page. Due to our highly engaged audience, the video garnered over 1.5k views in a matter of days.

Text Contest

A method that simultaneously generated interest and captured data. Text is one of our most immediate methods, it was an integral component in the marketing of this event. It was used to promote and facilitate the giveaway of two tickets. We used Facebook to promote the text code contest.


Email is one of our constant methods of promotion. Taste of had a weekly feature in our community email in the weeks leading up to the event.

Subject Line: You’re Invited

The Result:

Bryan, thank you so much for the efforts of your team in promoting A Taste of Dr. Phillips and our silent auction. Because of your efforts not only did the event sellout, but we also added to the success of our silent auction which saw 25% more revenue this year. This increase along with the ticket sales resulted in an increase in the charity we were able to raise.”

– Mark Ramey Dr. Phillips Rotary

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