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The Power of Local

What is hyper-local targeting?

It’s communicating a message to a very specific local audience. A major key to success for small and big business, alike.

We went about it a little differently and have seen unprecedented success.


We are often asked how our agency is connected to a few highly-engaged community pages on Facebook. Well, the not-so-secret truth is: We own them.

I Love Dr. Phillips was created to benefit, preserve and improve the community of Dr. Phillips, Florida.

This concept was so effective that we decided to replicate it in Cocoa Beach and it was an even greater success.

These are communities we love and truly care about. That is why it works, because it’s a real connection – not a marketing tactic. Here’s a few tips to engage a local audience.


Building a business with a local community in mind.

When it comes to social, a business cannot just take, take, take. It must also give. The Pareto Principle is an 80/20 division that we, at Your Brand Voice, have adopted into social platforms.


80% What they want to see

20% What you want them to see


When you care about the wants and needs of your audience, they’ll care more about you. It’s a give and take, a partnership, a community.

Be relevant.

Post what people want to see. If you wouldn’t post it on your personal Facebook, don’t post it on your page.



Stir the pot.

I Love Dr. Phillips all started with a semi-controversial post about a well-known homeless woman in the community. We didn’t say anything offensive, but some residents thought she was being exploited, others  agreed with us in that it was awareness. The point: Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial which is NOT the same thing as offensive; there is a fine line – walk it with caution.

Don’t sell. Tell.

Contrary to popular belief, not every post needs a Call to Action. Yes, they are extremely important because a CTA can be very effective when implemented correctly.

But, when it comes to local, all you need to do is inform. Throw it out there and see how your audience reacts. If they like it, great! Do it again. If not, go in a different direction. Social media’s greatest strength lies in two-way communication – make sure you’re listening.




Go Live. facebooklive-local-targeting

People care about what’s going on around them. If you go live with news or information about what is going on locally, people will give it attention.

When you initiate a Facebook Live, your audience receives a push notification. Due to its novelty, the public is very much interested in checking it out, making it a valuable weapon in your social media arsenal. Read more about How to Effectively use Facebook Live.

Take a look at some of our successes and look out for how to engage your local audience in the next email.




If you run a business in the Dr. Phillips or Cocoa Beach that could use some help reaching out to a local audience, feel free to contact us at: (407) 203-6770

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