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Optimization tips you can do both on your page and off that may improve your performance.

We always get the question, so here are some optimizations tips you can do both on your webpage and off that may improve your performance.

1. Add keywords to your description section: Our system scans this information to know what phrases to pair with your page. Try to write concise sentences that incorporates your phrases versus merely listing keywords. Using bullet points in your description for all the services you provide is an easy way to provide information in a quick simple format.

2. Increase activity on your page: Encourage clients to visit your page and interact with it. Users are able to leave reviews, click the website link on your page and get directions. Popular pages typically receive a high volume of views and actions, so you would want to promote your page and get people to interact with it. Putting posts on your page is one way to accomplish this.

3. Increase web presence: Google values how prominent a business is on the internet, so be sure that you have created business pages on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Make sure that the information is consistent across the internet, such as having the same business name or phone number on every listing. Consider creating a blog and writing content about your industry and linking it to your listing. This will get your business more visibility on the internet. Make sure you add hyperlinks in your introduction to your other social media pages.

4. Update your page every 6-8 weeks to keep information fresh. Include images and videos to help your listing stand out. This also makes your page more complete. Google tends to show pages that have more relevant content.

See the Google Places quality guidelines to make sure you meet the necessary criteria.

Optimizing your website may also improve your Google+ page. If you feel comfortable with websites and coding please read the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

If you haven’t done so already, register your website with Webmaster Tools:‎. If there are any issues with your website that may affect ranking such as malware, broken links, or Google penalties, you can see them with this tool. There are also tools you can use to test and improve your website.

We do offer a Help Center where you can learn more about the Your Brand Voice services. Please visit

I hope all this information will be helpful to get your business more attention. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!