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Social Presence Theory.

The Social Presence Theory Explained

The Social Presence Theory is a simple, yet profound approach that we’ve translated into hundreds of successful marketing campaigns for organizations across virtually all industries.

In 1976, way before virtual social networks, the Internet and even home computers, Three smart guys named John Short, Edryn Williams and Bruce Christie theorized the impact of social presence and the way we connect with one another. This philosophy is an important perspective to consider when talking to your audience through your marketing efforts, especially since we’re all now socially connected on the Internet. Personal, relevant communications that ask for the sale at precisely the right moment form the framework of Active 8’s approach.

Simply put, the Social Presence Theory is the ability to use non-personal communication (marketing) to create and foster a relationship, just like when two people (a salesperson and a customer) are in the store together talking. The conversation is guided by the customer’s questions, reactions and expressions. The discussion is relevant and specific. The higher the level of social presence, the deeper the trust and understanding generated in both parties. And this translates into loyal customers.

What if you could take the same personable face-to-face interaction that occurs in your store every day and replicate that level of trust and likability across hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of potential customers?

You can. Give us a call at (855) 855-5728 or contact us below to see how.

Marketing Solutions That Work.

We offer a wide variety of effective social and digital marketing solutions that are designed to amplify businesses just like yours.

We're experts at optimizing Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot to automate your digital marketing with data driven strategies.

We design and develop mobile friendly websites that attract visitors looking for your products and services.

We develop highly effective email nurture campaigns that are designed to engage and convert more customers.

We deliver highly targeted social media strategies that connect your ideal audience with engaging content.

Our reputation management platform effectively increases 5-star reviews and proactively eliminates the bad ones.

We deploy hyper-targeted social & digital advertising campaigns that will grow your business cost effectively.

We work with you to craft the perfect video that represents your brand, then we amplify it to your ideal audience.

We develop digital brand strategies that will grow your business across social, web and other online channels.

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